7 Benefits of Spray Foam Loft Insulation

If you’re considering renovating your loft space, or just simply want to save on the heating costs, insulation is imperative. Find out the 7 best benefits of insulating your loft space with spray foam.

1. Quick Completion

Typically, most loft insulation job can be carried out in one day. This is a much more efficient alternative to re-roofing!

2.  Minimal Disruption

As the process can be carried out quickly, the disruption is kept to a minimum, meaning you can get back to normal in no time!

3. Secure Roof Tiles

Foam Spray doubles up as a fantastic adhesive, ensuring your tiles stick securely to your roof, even in the windiest of times.

4. Warmer Home

The expanding foam dries seamlessly, with no joints, meaning there is no room for air to leak. This keeps temperatures stable, and your heating costs lower!

5.  Creates a Hospitable Space

As well as keeping the loft at a stable temperature, the insulation also offers waterproofing and prevents condensation, meaning you can use the new room for a number of activities.

6. Prevent Freezing Pipes

Keep your pipes alive and flowing by opting for foam spray insulation in your loft. This will ensure you still have working water taps, even in the coldest of winters.

7. Guarantee

Insulation comes with a lifespan guarantee, ensuring it is fit for purpose. Specialists, such as Foam Spray offer a guarantee of 25 years.



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